INTRODUCTION – general presentation 


Phylos S.r.l Ethical Code is a set of values, principles and rules which the company is based on and represents the company plus value. This document,

  • defines individual, ethical and social responsibility towards the different actors of the company activities, i.e. working people inside and outside the company, clients and suppliers;
  • researches full satisfaction of the expectations of the different people (employees, clients, suppliers) who interrelate with the company, promoting the highest level of professionality;
  • avoids any misbehaviour that is against the Law or/and against the company principles; individual and collective conduct of employees and/or collaborators must be in harmony with the company goals and principles, that is to say under mutual collaboration, individual and social responsibility, and more, respect of the present, in force Laws;
  • integrates the different company processes for the use and the protection of the whole IT system and internal data processing;
  • represents an ethical property of all, to the benefit of all.


For whom? Addressees…

Phylos S.r.l Ethical Code is addressed to everyone (employees, clients, suppliers or collaborators, etc. ), who builds any direct or indirect relationship with the company, in a stable or temporary way. Those who infringe the principles and rules of the Ethic Code, prejudice the faithful relationship with the company, causing a damage to the company image and reputation. Everyone is so invited to attentively look this document over and know the present and future points of the company Ethical Code; everyone is also invited to act so that to give a personal contribution to its carrying out, its improving and its spreading in the company. Phylos S.r.l. will always support contents and purposes of the Ethical Code through its web site and internal communication; for now and future, it also commits itself to integrate and improve the principles included, maintaining an open, right attitude and a high level of listening and care.



The main principles of the Ethical Code, shared with the company working team, are as follows:

  • behaviour, ethically correct and according to the in force laws;
  • loyalty and transparency of owners, shareholders, employees, collaborators, inside and outside the company;
  • proper and good manners, courtesy and respect inside the company between colleagues and outside the company with clients, suppliers or collaborators;
  • professionalism and accuracy;
  • respect for the environment and health;
  • safety of employees, clients, suppliers or collaborators;
  • reciprocal trust, cohesion and company motivation;
  • taking on a commitment for the progressive training of employees and collaborators;
  • taking on a commitment for the diffusion of a correct and respectful management of the company;
  • taking on a commitment for giving strength and enlarge the main principles of the present Ethical Code.



The main ETHICAL STANDARDS of behaviour in the company are as follows:

  • equity, equal opportunities and equality in managing and recognizing the value of every human resource in the company;
  • diligence, transparency, honesty, confidentiality in the managing of people and/or partners data, either they are gathered inside or outside the company;
  • impartiality in the carrying out of the different activities of the company;
  • equal working opportunities and equality to every employee and collaborator, valued on basis of their professional qualities and performance, without discrimination because of ethnic reasons, religion, personal opinions, nationality, sex, age, social and physical conditions, sexual preference;
  • personal protection, with guarantee that in any working relationship, inside and outside, the company will do its best to prevent from harassment, or intimidating actions, or any other situation which could bring hostile behaviour or emarginate employees or working groups;
  • personal protection, with guarantee that in any working relationship, inside and outside, the company will create the positive working environment where all the employees could carry out their tasks at best and commit themselves to the improvement of their careers;
  • environmental protection, with the highest daily commitment to: recycle the used materials, both inside and outside the company; re-use materials; reduce plastic packaging; plan the use of means of transport (i.e. pool cars, public no gas transport) to reduce the impact of the company activities in the environment and reduce the pollution effects;
  • support and development of a reciprocal collaboration aimed to give value to every professional figure or company role, and to strengthen the team working;
  • training sessions for employees and collaborators, aimed to raise the quality of every professional figure or company role;
  • protection of personal and partners data, both inside and outside the company, in order to keep under control the use of confidential data;
  • protection of people health, with particular attention to keep under control the smoking areas and protect the weaks.