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Technical communication increasingly acquires a strategic relevance in the transmission of information necessary for the support and knowledge of systems, tools and procedures. For this reason it must be clear, precise and respectful of the law.

Phylos realizes for its customers user and maintenance manuals, products and spare parts  catalogs for printing, publication via Web or CD.

The technology that Phylos adopts and proposes, must always guarantee the customer “dynamic content management”, with fast processes that make processing and updates fast, traceable and easy to use.

Phylos is able to autonomously acquire all company information necessary for the development and drafting of the technical documentation, which will be made available to internal and external users also on mobile devices in order to make the technical knowledge of the company available anywhere.

The interactive 2D and 3D Parts are managed by a simple and intuitive tool that allows to optimize the purchasing process: the software interfaces the information deriving from the BOM, the 3D model and the exploded 2D producing a html file that allows both the production of a cd rom that the web publication; at the same time a pdf file is produced for a paper fruition of the Spare Parts Catalog.


See an example of an Interactive Parts Catalog: WATCH HERE

The goal is to put the end user, retailers, dealers and service centers in Italy and abroad in the condition of being able to interact via the web with the 3D model of the machine, through which it is made possible the optimization and overall  management, often complex , of the spare parts: from the verification of congruity, to the validity, to the controlled order of the spare parts.


  • Use and Maintenance booklets
  • Technical Assistance manuals
  • Spare Parts catalogs
  • Exploded Drawings
  • Spare Parts price lists
  • Instructions and training manuals
  • Workshop manuals

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