Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, challenges and achievements to be reached to address what is called the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

Prioritize people and ease their interaction with the machine, not only for greater productivity but for the well-being of their employees, is today a viable choice and an opportunity for many companies.

An automated production system that guarantees a good capacity for the integration of various systems, as well as efficient manual work stations, with particular attention to physical / cognitive ergonomics and the quality of the assembled products, are fundamental elements for a Smart Factory.

The solution for industry 4.0 from us proposal, is subdived in two sectors:


AD.E.S. (Advanced Ergonomic Solution) expresses the solutions that aim to make the work stations as efficient as possible, with particular attention to physical / cognitive ergonomics and the quality of the assembled products.



Ergonomics is the science that studies the physical and cognitive interaction between man and objects in their context of use. The use of ergonomic workstations in the workplace is important to prevent the onset of musculoskeletal diseases due to repeated mechanical stresses. The aim is to organize and schedule the job respectfully according to man’s abilities and his rhythms.


Recommended for all companies that have processes that require repeated actions, infact reduces the physical and mental overloads increasing the motivation of the worker and reducing fatigue, with benefits also to the company that thus reduces the turnover and keeps inside the know-how and professionalism of the employees.

The products of AD.E.S. are also used to improve the organization of the work space by adapting to the position and height of the operator (such as the ergonomic work bench). With this solution it is possible to control the following systems: Pick To Light – Dynamic lighting – Screwing systems – Reaction arms with position control – Operator / product identification – Reading / Printing barcodes – Blocking / Unblocking

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SMM (Smart Manufacturing Manager) is the software platform for the creation of multiple process scenarios in the areas of industrial production.


The aim is to integrate the various work islands, allowing data sharing and optimal use in order to improve production planning and overall business management. The traditional system with independent stations, limited to individual functions, equipped with different management software, is replaced by OPERATOR stations centrally managed by a MANAGER.


For those who need to monitor and certify products and production processes. It guides the operator in the various production phases, coordinating the components of each workstation and ensuring the quality of the production cycle. Remote access to data in real time, at any time and anywhere, even with the use of mobile devices.

Aimed at production and process managers, it allows the autonomous configuration of workstations and work cycles and guarantees the monitoring of each phase.

With SMM it is possible to obtain: Flexibility (rapid responses according to the changes dictated by the innovation) – Quality Control (monitoring of every process) – Expandability (possibility of autonomously inserting modules by degrees) – Human Centered Manufacturing

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